If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, you can’t afford to make mistakes in selecting the right real estate agent. They can make the difference between a smooth, painless process and a nightmare you can’t seem to wake up from. The good news is that there are many ways to find a reputable real estate agent who has the experience, expertise and track record you need to succeed.

While personal recommendations from friends and family are a great place to start, don’t be afraid to cast a wider net. Look at your local listings on the internet and visit a few open houses to see which agents you “click” with. You’ll also want to ensure that your agent has a valid license and no major code of ethics violations against them. To check on this, you can contact your state’s regulatory agency or search online for complaints against your potential agent. Read more https://www.readysetsellmyhome.com/

Before you hire someone, ask for examples of previous real estate transactions they’ve completed in your area and within your price range. Ideally, you should ask for names and contact information of those clients so you can talk to them about their experiences working with that particular agent. This will give you a sense of whether or not the agent has the skills and background to help you with your specific goals.

Buyers should be especially wary of an agent who tells them that they can find them a house within weeks. This is a clear sign that the agent is not taking the time to understand the market and your needs, and may be merely looking for a quick sale to collect their commission.

Sellers should be wary of an agent who says they can sell a property in a short period of time. It is important that an agent takes the time to understand the market and your needs so they can craft a marketing strategy that will maximize your chances of selling. This may involve holding a few open houses or staging your property to highlight its features.

When interviewing prospective real estate agents, ask them to provide you with a list of properties that they have sold or listed in the last three to six months. This will give you a sense of their current market knowledge and how active they are in the area. You should also pay close attention to how they describe the properties and how they compare with your desired property.

Finally, when interviewing prospective real estate agents, ask them if they are familiar with your specific goals and requirements for selling or buying a home. For example, if you’re selling your current home and need to meet a certain timing deadline to avoid capital gains taxes, be sure your agent is aware of this requirement from the outset. This will prevent any unexpected delays or frustrations down the road. Be sure to also ask how they plan to market your property and what their advertising budget is for the upcoming month.