In a world where the supernatural coexists with the ordinary, “툰코 이런 영웅은 싫어”emerges as a captivating webtoon that delves deep into the realms of mysticism, adventure, and everyday life. This webtoon, known to English readers as “I Don’t Like Such Heroes,” is a delightful fusion of supernatural powers, spirits, and comedic elements that have taken the webtoon community by storm.

A World Transformed

The story of “툰코 이런 영웅은 싫어” is set in a time when what was once considered fantastical has become an everyday reality. The world is now teeming with supernatural powers and spirits, bringing a unique blend of chaos and wonder to the lives of its inhabitants. This 이런 영웅은 싫어 newfound reality gives birth to various incidents and accidents, and it is in this turbulent backdrop that the hero group known as ‘Spoon’ emerges to bring order and justice.

Meet ‘Spoon’ – Not Your Typical Heroes

Unlike the secret and clandestine groups often portrayed in superhero narratives, ‘Spoon’ is a unique ensemble of public officials. Comprising members who are already a part of the establishment, they are not your typical caped crusaders. Their primary mission? To put an end to the notorious criminal group known as ‘Knife’ that threatens to plunge the world into darkness.

The Rise of ‘Naga’

One of the most intriguing aspects of “툰코 이런 영웅은 싫어” is the recruitment of ‘Naga,’ a promising psychic, into the ranks of ‘Spoon.’ With his extraordinary abilities, ‘Naga’ is set to revolutionize the way missions are carried out, making them more efficient and effective. However, the journey of ‘Naga’ from an ordinary individual to a true hero is not without its challenges and comedic twists.

A Blend of Daily Life and Comedy

“툰코 이런 영웅은 싫어” beautifully weaves together the tapestry of daily life with the antics and humor of its characters. From ‘Naga’s’ initial struggles to adapt to his newfound role, to the comical interactions within the hero group ‘Spoon,’ the webtoon keeps readers hooked with its lighthearted charm and relatable moments.


In a world brimming with webtoons, “툰코 이런 영웅은 싫어” stands out as a remarkable and enchanting tale that explores the uncharted territories of the supernatural. With its unique premise, endearing characters, and a perfect blend of daily life and humor, it’s no wonder that this webtoon has garnered a dedicated following.

For those seeking an adventure that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, “I Don’t Like Such Heroes” promises an unforgettable journey into a world where magic, comedy, and heroism collide in the most unexpected ways. So, join ‘Spoon’ and ‘Naga’ as they navigate the challenges of a world transformed by supernatural forces, and discover the enchanting world of “툰코 이런 영웅은 싫어.”